Phuket, Thailand| 4 Days in Phuket, Thailand

March 01, 2019

So hubster and me did a quick weekend getaway to Phuket. All thanks to the brilliant return-for-free Jetstar promotional sale( Boy! how tempting are they) and the dates matched with hubsters birthday, so why spare the chance to celebrate. As I have mentioned before, travel for me helps me learn more about myself, my partner ,our relationship. It makes me more aware of the person i really am. What I think I like to what I actually like. One thing I know for sure is that I love a budget holiday. Phi Phi islands

Here is a quick summary of how much we spent and on what and what could be done differently.

Key Takeaways

  1. Phuket has something for everyone

    Phuket has quite a reputation for some adult fun. Bangla walking Street The famously raucous nightlife scene features beer bars, go-go bars, nightclubs, massage parlors and cabarets that overflow into the street along neon-lit Bangla Road , Patong beach.Much to our dismay our flight from Melbourne was packed with families having toddlers. My first thought was what were the parents thinking? However over the trip I learnt that Phuket actually has alot of family activities .The tourism in Phuket caters to the likes of all ages.Apart from a nice day by the beach, you could take the kids to tourist attractions like like Trick eye museum ,the Fantasea show , Go karting or maybe the beautiful temples.

 Connect with the local food

  1. Eat with the locals

    This is obvious, isn’t it? I ,however, cannot stop emphasizing this point especially if you are keen on sampling some great local Thai food . On my previous trip to Thailand, I thought Thai food was all about Pad-thai, Tom yum and some morning glory to go on the side. On this trip ,our me woke up to a plate of steamed rice with aromatic stewed pork with Thai basil, lime and string beans or beautifully salted egg and pork soup.  rice plates

All this at a quarter of the price of eating at a fancy restaurant. Not sure what the street stalls are called ,however they are clean and hygienic.


  1. Rent a bike

    The thrill of riding a bike can be only experienced in a south east asian country.Its an exhilarating experience that’s convenient and ** CHEAP **. It’s wise to sync your pickup and drop off stay locations with your bike hire if you have the option and if you wish to see many places in Phuket. We based ourselves around Pa Tong ,the tourist hub . The flexibility in terms of your travel itinerary makes for an enriching travel experience and is often under rated. Imagine yourself chilling by the beach in the wee morning hours to catch the sunrise.

  2. Book ferry tickets via a tour agents

    Thailand is famous for tourist scams. It is normal to have your guard up however truth being told the tour operators do provide the best rates in Thailand .This apparently is thanks to the competition amongst tour operators. We tried to go to Rassada Pier to book our tickets to Phi Phi and ended up paying twice the amount .While this rule may not apply to other countries, Thailand is an exception.

  3. Hotel Accommodations

    This is tried and tested formula always works for us. We decide the place we are going to spend the night at and then use either one of the numerous mobile apps to search for a budget accommodation within our budget. We then go directly to that hotel and enquire for the room. We either get it at a cheaper rate or at the the advertised price with no tax. Either case we save money. Relax with a nice massage


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