Dandenong Ranges , Melbourne 2019 | Lyrebird walk ,Neuman ,Paddy circuit

January 13, 2019

In Melbourne ,it’s a waste to spend beautiful weather indoors! Or so we feel!! Come weekend ,we are scurrying for places to work out those calves and be one with nature. Coming from Mumbai, helps me value the blue skies, abundant green and magical wildlife of this continent much much more. Nature is indeed so therapeutic. birds

So here’s a quick rating of our hike

Location Lyrebird walk ,Neuman ,Paddy circuit
Trail Circuit walk
Distance 6.9 km
Time 3 hours
Elevation 294m Max
Difficulty Medium
Start Grants Picnic Grounds


Things to note

  • As always there are multiple trails starting from Grants Picnic Ground. Once again if you don’t feel like a trek, this place has a lovely cafe and a bird feeding area (paid) both of which are quite popular. Lorikeets

The highlight -> the many many rainbow lorikeets, orange breasted parrots , parakeets… Such-a riot of colours and sounds !! (Not to forget the cackle of our outrageously brazen cockatoos is second to none) Cockatoo It feels like you have just entered an aviary.

  • We chose to do the Lyrebird walk. The walking tracks are well signed and you cannot get lost. Signage

    These tracks are kid friendly and safe. Also this place seems to be quite busy and popular. People from all walks of life and age come for their dose of exercise.

  • The path is lined with tall Manna gum trees. On a 32 deg day we were soothed by the shade and survived the elevation. kid-friendly

  • Overall we would rate it as an average hike. With most of the walk being on flat ground, its perfect for families and all age group. The birds and the green scenery provides perfect accompaniment. Fields of Gold

In all its a great place to spend your weekend amidst the birds native to Australia! Would definitely come back with my mum and dad.


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