Bacchus Marsh, Melbourne 2019 | Fruit Picking

January 13, 2019

So Mister & Missus Pinto are visiting us,Melbourne. We are thrilled and excited to take them to our favorite places in Melbourne. Our enthusiasm might seem infectious. The fresh food markets are few of the highlights of Melbourne. While the markets are on our list ,we wanted them to have a unique experience. My mother grew up on a farm . They grew rice for a living. And so knowing my mother and her tastes, fruit picking was a clear winner. We knew it would be an experience they would connect with. Strawberry fields There are plenty of orchards that allow you to pick your own fruit. Keeping up with the ‘paddock to plate’ hashtag , these places are getting extremely popular giving tourists and locals alike, a fun-filled day out.

TOP TIP: If you are looking to pick a particular fruit, make sure you look up the orchard’s fruit chart. It is generally on their website . It has information if the fruit is still available on trees or not. Cherry cherry

We visited around mid January. It was the last week for cherry picking. We chose to visit the grove called Naturipe We have previously picked cherries at Paynes Orchard and were happy with our first experience. However cherries were only available to pick at Naturipe. There are heaps of orchards around Melbourne and you could safely go to any. Fruit picking

We were blessed with a warm sunny day and plenty of fruit. We arrived at 11 am and we were late by the Aussie standards. The strawberry fields were bustling with families picking fruit. The very experience of breaking your own fruits and popping it straight into your mouth…Now nothing can get more fresher than this!!!

We made a beeline for the cherry trees. For the end of season we were lucky to have cherries still hanging off the tree.Most cherries were dry and the ones left were squashy. Nevertheless it was fun eating fruit fresh off the tree.

The fruit gang next descended on the stone fruit grove apricots white and yellow nectarines,peaches and apricots. It was such joy to see trees laden with fruit. Even the birds could not resist the sweet tasting fruit. It is a joyous experience to connect with our daily food . It is a reminder to eat more of the local produce for many varied reasons. When you see your food grow, it makes me wonder of the difference between the food produced in factories as against this fruit of love and labour that mother earth bears. Cherry trees

This is certainly a family activity that kids and elders can enjoy . Did my folks have fun gathering fruits ? Two days has passed and my mom can’t stop raving about that sight of trees laden with fruit. What did we do after??? Well my next post should say;)


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